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I am a Theatre/ Film Maker, Writer and Architect of Creative Experiences. Being a Queer, Neurodivergent artist from the North of Ireland is important in the work I create. Growing up in a divided society where culture could mean danger has infused an intrigue about the impact art can have.


Trained in Drama (BA Hons), Post-grad Physical Theatre – but much training came from 10 years as co-founder and AD of Barefeet Theatre in Zambia where I was exposed to the power of ‘popular theatre*’ to mobilise large audiences/ democratise theatre and be used as a weapon to directly support social change through dynamic shared experiences.


I co-create immersive experiences, make films and write scripts that blend politics and popular theatre ingredients* (Polipop), elevating unheard voices and allowing audiences/ readers to have fun, directly engage and (hopefully) connect.


Work is more often found outside of theatres; in the streets (Flood), parks (The Last Utopian), swimming pools (Escape From Fort Lagoon), Hospitals (In Our Own Words), music clubs (Afronauts), community spaces or more recently in the UK Houses of Parliament (In Our Own Words). Most work is linked with an active social change campaign, frequently uses movement/ circus but will always strive for cross art form expression, comedy and spectacle.

Much work will start with interviewing people connected to the subject matter and going on a creative journey together. I have spent 4 years interviewing over 500 NHS/ Social Care staff documenting their experience during and post pandemic (In Our Own Words).


I am Artistic Director at Wake The Beast performance company, Associate Artist at Theatre Témoin, Associate at Human Features Productions and Board member of Barefeet Theatre. I have worked extensively in the UK and internationally through touring and for 8 years as part of Contacting The World international Theatre Festival (Contact Manchester), Previous AD of SpareParts outdoor arts festival and Creative Producer at Hope Street Ltd.


My work has been performed at International venues/ festivals in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, DRC, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Poland, Ireland, the UK and the USA.


I host a podcast (who doesn’t) called ‘Creative Conversations’ which explores contemporary Irish Identity in the diaspora with a Northern Lens.

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