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Workshop delivery/ Facilitation/ Consultancy

Experience in project creation, consulting and project delivery with partners including: Irish Aid, UNICEF, UNHCR, the EU, USAID (through PCI Zambia), British Council, HIVOS and the Zambian Government


Experienced workshop leader, Skilled in Theatre for Development, Participatory Process Performance (P.P.P.), Applied Theatre, devising and improvisation techniques, script work/creation, acting technique and characterization.


Master trainer in various modules I wrote for Barefeet with content including; social accountability, policy engagement, drug addiction/alcoholism, early childhood education, Environmental mitigation, sanitation WASH, children’s rights, access to justice, HIV prevention/ adherence in Zambia.


Assisted in the formation of 40 performance groups in orphanages/ street child centres across Zambia. Working with Barefeet has also allowed me to work with children in refugee camps and transit centres, leading to the creation of a unique Children’s ‘Council’ model.


Trained 100+ Barefeet faciliators in workshop delivery skills over the course of 10 years.

Supported participating groups through tailored workshops from 2006-2016


Since 2003 I have also led/coordinated numerous youth inclusion projects throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Hungary. More recently I have been developing a series of physical theatre master classes using rhythm and impulse.


Trained at Hope St, Liverpool, in Physical including training by; Capricho (Puppet skills), Alan Richardson (Acrobatics, mask & clowning skills),

Lee Beagley (Improvisation),  M6 & Red Ladder Theatre Companies (Young People’s Theatre skills), Action Transport Theatre Co

(working in schools), Peta Lily (Bouffon Clowning), Steve Wallis

( Circus skills), Ramesh Meyyappan (sign, mime Theatre), Sue

Lancaster (dance & movement skills), Spike Theatre (devising

& improvisation), Company Collision (body awareness &

movement skills ), Horse and Bamboo (mask), Ninnian Kinear

Wilson (mask making), Ophaboom (mask), Michael Chase

(mask), Trevor Stuart (improvisation), Graham Philips

(voice), Andy Frizell (music and voice).

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