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The Biggest Show In The Country

Wake The Beast (UK/Ireland) tour


The Biggest Show In The Country is an irreverent, satirical, side splitting exploration of the ‘*North of Ireland’s’ current political landscape- YES REALLY!  


It’s 2021, Happy Birthday ‘*Northern Ireland’ - but why are Britain and the Republic absent from the party?


When an unexpected oil discovery in John and Pat’s garden suddenly

changes the fortunes of Ulster & its people, is the world ready for the

emergence of a new global economic superpower?

And what will Mary, Pat, John and Micheal do with their newfound millions?


And what does Stephen Nolan have to do with any of this?


A rollicking fast force of storytelling with unforgettable ‘appearances’ from Arlene Foster, Leo Varadkar and Boris Johnson.


Writer: Adam McGuigan

Director: Adam McGuigan

Performers: Caitriona Cunningham, Ailsinn Harley-Baxter, Cameron McKendrick, Adam McGuigan

Sound and Music Design: Luke Thomas

The Bathkeeper's Secret

COMING SOON! Wake The Beast/ Submersion Productions

Welcome to the future.

Its 2070, well beyond the tipping point where the earth's water sources have tipped over the PH level into a dangerous level. Most of the world's aquatic life have been destroyed. The oceans, rivers and lakes are no longer able to be used for drinking water and have become toxic for humans to touch. Rain proves a daily danger but humans have adapted to use special protective technology to enable life to continue.

The government have seized on people's fear to enforce an 'Emergency State'. Technology has been created to allow for humans to keep hydrated through a pill. Pills have side effects and rationed by the government and pending compliance in this Emergency State you and your family are given a weekly allowance. 

Yet rumours emerge about a secret source of water hidden somewhere in our location which could hold the answers to help save the world... but not everyone wants you to find it. Stay under the radar, work together to survive and prepare for immersion... The Bathkeepers are watching.


Creative Producer: Jude Jagger 

Writer: Adam McGuigan

Director: Adam McGuigan

Design Lead:  Abby Clarke

Musical Direction Lead: Luke Thomas

Choir leader:  Beth Allen

Deviser/ Performers: Izzie Major, Paula Simms, Angela Heenan, Luke Grant.


Wake The Beast/ Barefeet Theatre/ Circus Zambia- TOUR